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Arvidsjaur Winter Wonderland. Whether it’s for business or for a Nordic Adventure, Arvidsjaur is located just 200 km below the Polar Circle and is an icy hot spot. We are the only provider to connect Frankfurt International and Arvidsjaur three times a week with a direct flight.

In the morning Paris – London – Hamburg or Zurich and at noon with only one stop over Frankfurt already in Arvidsjaur! This is the way to travel in 2024. Simplefy made and implemented as a service provider with joy and quality. Choose your date, choose your seat category, ECO – PREMIUM, take your seat and travel reliably as well as just in time.

VIP SERVICES. Your feeder flight could be tight? Take advantage of our optional VIP service – pick-up at the aircraft with direct cab drive to your connecting flight. This is how service works – this is how flies.

Hello agencies and partner programs. You are welcome to join us. Contact us and receive Easy Access and bonus miles for joint passenger movements.

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